Situated just a few miles from Slough this mature 4.5 acre estate lake enjoys a quiet secluded location surrounded by farmland and leafy woodland.

From this mixed fishery the discerning angler can expect to catch Carp to 30lb, Tench and Bream to 7lb, Perch to 3lb and Pike into double figures. The silver fish population is abundant with the odd goer Roach and Rudd a possibility. Parking is secure and limited night fishing is allowed.

Wildlife abounds with Kingfisher, Mandarin Duck and Egyptian geese on the water; Deer, Fox and Badger in the woods; Buzzards and Kites wheeling overhead.

Very much a water for the traditionalist, whether you enjoy stalking for carp, float fishing for Tench or lure fishing for Pike and Perch this idyllic oasis of life will not disappoint.

Opening Dates: 16th June - 14th March

Fishery Manager: Peter Bartlett

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Fishery type



4.5 Acres


Carp Tench Bream Roach Rudd Perch


Unless you have a valid night ticket the following times supersede those indicated in rule 12.1 of the current rule book and represent the earliest and latest times you can set up and vacate a swim.

June and July: 03.30 - 22.30

August and September: 04.30 - 22.00

October and November: 06:00 - 20:00

December and January: 06:30 - 17:30

February and March: 05.00 - 19.00

Failure to observe these times may result in the loss of your membership.

Thank you for your co-operation.

H.A.S Committee

Latest Catches

Name Species Weight Date
Jamie anstiss Mirror carp 23lbs 8oz 8/08/20
Jamie anstiss Mirror carp 28lbs 12oz 7/08/20
Nigel Barratt Bream 6lbs 4oz 5/08/20
Nigel Barratt Tench 4lbs 0oz 5/08/20
Nigel Barratt Tench 5lbs 4oz 5/08/20
Nigel Barratt Mirror Carp 15lbs 8oz 5/08/20
Nigel Barratt Mirror 30lbs 12oz 5/08/20
Jamie anstiss Mirror carp 17lbs 3oz 4/08/20
Stacey Burgoyne Mirror carp 23lbs 9oz 2/08/20
Stacey Burgoyne Mirror carp 16lbs 12oz 2/08/20