Harefield No2

A mature 50 acre gravel pit located in South Harefield. The water is surrounded by good cover and adjacent to the Grand Union canal. Members can access many swims by car or by walking up to 500 meters from their vehicle, which can be left in one of the 3 car parks around the water.

The lake suffered a complete oxygen crash in August 2017 and at the present time the Society is undertaking a re-stocking programme. The first phase was completed in February 2018 when the last of 165 Carp varying in size between 4lb and 22lb were introduced. These fish were sourced from both VS Fisheries and Lower Berryfield Fisheries with various blood lines selected for both looks and expected growth rates. The Society is now planning the second phase of the stocking programme which will see the introduction of more species of course fish including Roach, Perch, Tench and Bream.

A map of the countours of the lake is available here.

Opening Dates: 1st May - 31st March

Fishery Manager: Les Skidmore/ Ian Kempster

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Fishery type

Gravel Pit


50 Acres




Latest Catches

Name Species Weight Date
Les Skidmore Common carp 13lbs 2oz 4/08/19
Mike Keogh Mirror 14lbs 14oz 3/08/19
Mike Keogh Fully scaled mirror carp 10lbs 0oz 3/08/19
Mike Keogh Mirror carp 17lbs 8oz 2/08/19
Mike Keogh Mirror carp 15lbs 4oz 28/07/19
Les Skidmore Mirror carp 10lbs 14oz 27/07/19
Les Skidmore Mirror carp 13lbs 8oz 27/07/19
Les Skidmore Mirror 9lbs 0oz 27/07/19
Les Skidmore Mirror carp 22lbs 14oz 27/07/19
Les Skidmore Mirror carp 15lbs 8oz 27/07/19