Our Waters

Harrow Angling Society provides its members with a variety of waters that will suit all types of angler

Harefield No1

A gravel pit of around 7 acres situated south of Harefield village.

Harefield No2

A mature 50 acre gravel pit located in South Harefield.

Harefield No4

Situated in South Harefield being bordered by the Grand Union Canal and the River Frays, Pit 4 is a gravel pit of 14 acres surrounded by mature woodland.


Rowley is the HAS jewel in the crown, this beautiful man made 4 1/2 acre estate lake is surrounded by willows, silver birch, alders and oak.

Wild Fowl

The Wildfowl Lake is a place of beauty nestled deep in the Colne Valley between Harefield and Uxbridge.