Harrow Angling Society

Specimen Carp & Coarse fishing on 5 historic lakes in the heart of the Colne Valley

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Harrow Angling Society Est 1937

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Colne Valley, our society proudly carries a legacy dating back to 1937. We cater to all levels of anglers, offering an inclusive and welcoming environment for anglers of all ages and abillities.

Our five tranquil lakes, each stocked with diverse fish species and beautiful natural surroundings, provide the perfect backdrop for our members and provide a variety of different angling that will suit all.

Joining Harrow Angling Society

To obtain membership at the Harrow Angling Society you must be proposed by current member. A waiting list is currently in operation, members are able to propose friends or family through their online account.

Membership at the Harrow Angling Society runs from 1st June - May 31st.

The Lakes

With five great lakes to chose from they cater for all styles of fishing, from a quiet days float fishing for Roach, Rudd, Tench or Perch, or the more dedicated approach to a sustained overnight session for that elusive big bream or carp. For the winter months there is always the opportunity to walk the banks with a spinning rod hunting for Pike or Perch. All of our lakes are well stocked with a good head of fish Bream to over 8lb, Tench to over 9lb, Carp to over 30lb, plus many Roach, Rudd, Perch and Pike. With security being a key factor all our lakes are a safe family place to fish, with secure lock controlled gates, including private parking. With so much nature in and around the lakes you cannot fail just to enjoy a day sitting by the water, catching a fish will be the bonus on a great day out.

Harefield No1

A gravel pit of around 7 acres is situated south of Harefield village.

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Harefield No2

A mature 50 acre gravel pit located in South Harefield.

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Harefield No4

Situated in South Harefield being bordered by the Grand Union Canal and the River Frays, Pit 4 is a gravel pit of 14 acres surrounded by mature woodland.

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Rowley is the HAS jewel in the crown, this beautiful man made 4 1/2 acre estate lake is surrounded by willows, silver birch, alders and oak.

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The Wildfowl Lake is a place of beauty nestled deep in the Colne Valley between Harefield and Uxbridge.

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