Terry Gibson Memorial Cup

The winners of the Terry Gibson Memorial Cup awarded to the angler who reports the most captures of Carp in a season.

Terry Gibson Memorial Cup
Season Name Species Weight
2016/17 S. Wilson 8 Carp 0lbs 0oz
2015/16 M. Wilson 8 Carp 0lbs 0oz
2014/15 B. Busby 37 Carp 0lbs 0oz
2013/14 B. Busby 8 Carp 0lbs 0oz
2012/13 B. Busby 16 Carp 0lbs 0oz
2011/12 B. Busby 22 Carp 0lbs 0oz
2010/11 B.Busby 0lbs 0oz
2009/10 M.Bridges 0lbs 0oz
2008/09 M.Bridges 0lbs 0oz
2007/08 J.Westley 0lbs 0oz
2005/06 A.Kempster 0lbs 0oz
2003/04 M.Wood 0lbs 0oz
2002/03 D.Cargill 0lbs 0oz