Ron Porter Memorial Junior Trophy

The winners of the Ron Porter Memorial Junior Cup awarded for the best fish caught by a Junior.

Ron Porter Memorial Junior Trophy
Season Name Species Weight
2012/13 M. Gibson Carp 17lbs 12oz
2011/12 J. Kencroft Bream 7lbs 4oz
1986/87 T.Gibson Tench 5lbs 2oz
2010/11 K.Aroudj Carp 30lbs 3oz
2009/10 N.Leach Pike 13lbs 0oz
2007/08 F.Winnett Carp 25lbs 0oz
2005/06 D.Busby Bream 8lbs 1oz
2004/05 D.Busby Bream 8lbs 12oz
2003/04 D.Busby Pike 4lbs 9oz
2000/01 B.Whelan Tench 5lbs 7oz
1999/00 J.Hays Eel 4lbs 0oz
1997/98 C.Anstiss Tench 7lbs 0oz
1995/96 D.Edgar Pike 21lbs 0oz
1994/95 D.Edgar Tench 4lbs 8oz
1991/92 P.Denne Tench 4lbs 8oz
1989/90 J.Denne Tench 4lbs 8oz
1988/89 D.Tibbals Tench 4lbs 8oz
1987/88 V.Holmes Perch 2lbs 15oz
1986/87 L.Gladwin Pike 18lbs 8oz
1985/86 D.Cousins Tench 5lbs 8oz
1984/85 K.A.Ramsey Tench 4lbs 9oz
1983/84 G.Blinco Tench 3lbs 4oz
1982/83 D.Neville Tench 3lbs 14oz
1981/82 C.Case Bream 3lbs 7oz
1980/81 G.Blinco Bream 6lbs 4oz
1979/80 S.C.Lockwood Pike 20lbs 10oz
1978/79 D.Halsey Tench 4lbs 4oz
1977/78 P.Skidmore Pike 21lbs 0oz
1976/77 S.Fair Pike 14lbs 0oz
1975/76 L.Skidmore Pike 24lbs 0oz
1974/75 L.Skidmore Pike 24lbs 0oz
1973/74 D.Swadling Tench 3lbs 1oz
1972/73 K.Angell Chub 1lbs 4oz
1971/72 D.Swadling Tench 3lbs 8oz
1970/71 A.Butler Tench 3lbs 5oz
1969/70 S.Hohenstein Pike 12lbs 12oz
1968/69 G.Cooper Pike 12lbs 0oz