Pike Shield

The winners of the Pike Shield donated by Steve Jenner for the best Pike caught on Society waters.

Pike Shield
Season Name Species Weight
2016/17 P. Bartlett Pike 11lbs 2oz
2015/16 P. Bartlett Pike 13lbs 2oz
2014/15 J. Wareham Pike 23lbs 0oz
2013/14 J. Wareham Pike 15lbs 8oz
2012/13 J. Wareham Pike 16lbs 0oz
2011/12 D. Mills Pike 15lbs 5oz
2010/11 P.Allen Pike 4lbs 5oz
2010/11 P.Allen Pike 4lbs 5oz
2009/10 J.Wareham Pike 17lbs 12oz
2008/09 P.Skidmore Pike 20lbs 13oz
2007/08 J.Wareham Pike 20lbs 11oz
2005/06 B.Busby Pike 13lbs 7oz
2004/05 E.Skidmore Pike 18lbs 15oz
2003/04 N.Wright Pike 17lbs 1oz
2002/03 T.Corley Pike 27lbs 14oz
2001/02 D.Hambly Pike 17lbs 8oz
2000/01 N.Barrat Pike 18lbs 12oz
1999/00 K.Hunt Pike 16lbs 10oz
1998/99 M.Hunt Pike 18lbs 0oz
1997/98 J.Paterhoster Pike 23lbs 8oz