Harefield No2

In the early eighties more Carp were stocked to 5lb. In 1988 a large number of Pike to 18lb were stocked followed by another 1,800 x 12oz Carp and 200 x 18oz Bream during 1989.

In 1992/1993 250 1-3lb & 100 2-4lb Carp were introduced. Many of these carp are now within the 25lb to 35lb bracket with some over 40lb.

In 2012 19 Carp between 13-0 & 17-0.

No 2 is also brimming with hundreds of double figure Bream which are caught on a regular basis. Th winter pike fishing is also spectacular.

The lake is the HAS specimen water with good fish of all species and the majority of the lake can be fished from the comfort of your car with its secure vehicular access.

Best Carp 42-0, Tench 8-14, Bream 12-12, Perch 4-0, Eels 5-13, Pike 29-0, Chub 5-12 and large shoals of Roach to 2-0. The lake is shared with a sailing club, with which we have a good relationship and requires give and take on both sides, so please keep it that way.

A map of the countours of the lake is available here.

Opening Dates: 16th June - 31st March

Fishery Manager: Les Skidmore/ Ian Kempster

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Fishery type

Gravel Pit


50 Acres


Carp Pike Tench Bream Perch Roach Rudd


Latest Catches

Name Species Weight Date
Chris Gould Common carp 26lbs 0oz 19/07/17
Matthew Marchant Common Carp 25lbs 0oz 2/07/17
Chris Gould Mirror carp 30lbs 0oz 1/07/17
Chris Gould Common carp 29lbs 0oz 28/06/17
Chris Gould Common carp 31lbs 0oz 25/06/17
Chris Gould Mirror carp 25lbs 0oz 25/06/17
Scott Wilson Common carp 26lbs 4oz 16/06/17
Peter Bartlett Pike 7lbs 0oz 28/03/17
Peter Bartlett Pike 8lbs 0oz 28/03/17
Peter Bartlett Pike 6lbs 0oz 28/03/17