All members must read the rules before fishing, if members or your proposed members (whilst on probation) are found to be breaking rules then your ticket is at risk.

1. Title

The name of the Society is "The Harrow Angling Society".

2. Objects of the Society

2.1 - To provide angling facilities for its members, and cultivate the principles of fair angling and sportsman like conduct.

2.2 - The Committee will confirm fishing seasons in the Bye-Laws.

2.3 - To protect the environment and fight the menace of pollution at all times and report at once any such instances to the authorities concerned.

2.4 - To abide by the laws of the land, the rules set by our Landlords and appropriate Environment Agency bye-laws.

2.5 - To treat all as equal, and for the avoidance of doubt, all words in the masculine gender shall include feminine.

3. The Committee shall Consist of:

3.1 - Honorary Officers: Chairman, Secretary, Curator, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Fishery Managers, Editorial Secretary, Social Secretary (to cover matches, junior events, and organising other meetings) Web Master and 1 Committee.

3.2 - One Committee member shall retire by rotation annually. The retiring member of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall conduct the business of the Society. Five Committee members present shall form a quorum. A Committee member not attending three consecutive Committee meetings shall be contacted by the Secretary and if no answer shall be received, or if in the opinion of the members of the Committee attending the next meeting the answer for absence shall be unsatisfactory, the defaulting member shall cease to be a member of the Committee and be notified by the Secretary to that effect. A member of the Society shall be co- opted by the Committee to fill his vacancy in accordance with Rule 5.6.

3.3 - Officers shall be elected at each third Annual General Meeting from the year 2012.

3.4 - Nominations for Society Officers and Committee members must be submitted to the Secretary in writing 7 days before the appropriate AGM. Nominees must have been a Full member of the Society for two years.

4. Trustees

4.1 - The Committee shall elect 3 Management Trustees, henceforth in this document known as ‘Trustees’. They are the Society's legal representatives having responsibility for the management of the Society's property, waters and equipment, but not the general management and financial issues which shall fall to the Committee.

4.2 - Trustees will ensure that the Committee pursues its objectives as defined by the Society's laws.

4.3 - Trustees will ensure that the Society's resources are used, exclusively, in the pursuance of its objectives and no monies will be spent on activities not included in its objectives.

4.4 - Trustees will only enter into contracts when authorised by the committee and the trustees will be indemnified and protected, from any liabilities and legal penalties they may incur, by the Society against any claim made. In all leases, contracts and agreements provision will be included stating that they, the Trustees, are acting on behalf of the Society and that in no case will their personal liability exceed the amount by which they are indemnified out of the Society funds.

4.5 - The Trustees will not be held responsible for any debts, whether incurred in the past, present or the future. These will be the responsibility of the Society.

4.6 - Termination of the Society will be controlled by the Committee under the Trustees guidance.

5. Management

5.1 - The Committee shall have control of the Society's finances and shall expend or invest the funds of the Society at its discretion for the benefit of the Society.

5.2 - The Committee may co-opt members of the Society on to the Committee who shall in the opinion of the Committee have specialist knowledge or qualification that could in any way enhance the welfare of the Society or be conducive to the objectives of the Society. The Committee may appoint sub-Committees from the members of the Society.

5.3 - The Committee shall make, amend or repeal existing byelaws provided that they are not inconsistent with the rules of the Society. These byelaws will be published in the Society's magazine and on the Society's website.

5.4 - The Committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and of the bye-laws and the decision of the Committee thereon shall be final and binding on the members.

5.5 - The Committee shall have the power to remit any entrance fee, subscription or part thereof and it may refuse to accept any subscription if in the opinion of the Committee it is desirable in the interest of the Society so to do.

5.6 - The Committee may fill any vacancy which may occur in the Officers or the Committee between any two Annual General Meetings.

5.7 - The Committee may rent, purchase or otherwise acquire fishing rights or property on behalf of the Society. Any real property so rented, purchased or acquired shall be vested in not less than two trustees agreeable to act as such.

5.8 - The Committee may affiliate the Society to any association having similar objectives.

6. Membership

The Society shall consist of the following classes of members:

6.1 - Full Members elected in accordance with rule 7.1.

6.2 - Honorary Life Members (HLM) elected in accordance with rule 7.2.

6.3 - Junior Members elected in accordance with rule 7.3.

6.4 - Associate Members elected in accordance with rule 7.4.

6.5 - Disabled Members elected in accordance with rule 7.5.

6.6 - Senior Members elected in accordance with rule 7.6.

6.7 - Kingfisher Members elected in accordance with rule 7.7

6.8 - Kingfisher Members (Day & Night) elected in accordance with rule 7.9.

7. Election of members

7.1 - Candidates for membership must apply in writing to the membership Secretary and must be proposed by a member of the Society. Members proposing a new member must have been a Full member of the Society for at least two years. New members will be on one years' probation and during this period the proposer will be responsible for the new members' actions. The Committee shall consider in detail all applications and if necessary, interview the applicant to establish the candidate's suitability.

7.2 - Honorary Life members (HLM) may be elected at the Annual General Meeting in recognition of services rendered to the Society, or for such other reasons as the Committee may recommend. An HLM shall have the full rights as if they were a Full member

7.3 - A candidate for Junior membership must be aged over 12 and under 17 years of age on 15th March in the year of application, Juniors under the age of 15 years must always be accompanied by and under the strict control of a Full member. All Juniors must always be accompanied by and under the strict control of a Full member at Rowley Lake. An applicant for Junior membership may be required to be interviewed by the Committee. A Junior member must on application for membership
of the Society provide evidence of their ability to swim.

7.4 - All members with the exception of Juniors and Kingfisher may apply for Associate membership for their partner. Associate members must be accompanied by the member at all times and fish in the same swim as the member

7.5 - Disabled members have the same rights as Full members, but will be required to provide proof of their disabled status on application (this will be treated as confidential information)

7.6 - Senior members have the same rights as Full members but at the age of 65 must provide supporting evidence of age to the membership secretary. Senior members must be at the age of 65 or over on the 15th March in the year of application.

7.7 - A candidate for Kingfisher day membership must be aged over 6 and under 12 years of age on 15th March in the year of application. A Kingfisher member must always be accompanied by and under the strict control of their Parent/Guardian (who must also be a member). A Kingfisher member can fish with one rod from dawn to dusk and must be in the same swim as their parent or guardian (note only 2 rods per swim). A Kingfisher member must on application for membership of the Society provide evidence of their ability to swim.

7.8 - A Full member is allowed to take two Kingfishers day fishing on the proviso they both fish

in the same swim and are under the close supervision of the member. The two rods per swim rule still applies which means when a member is in charge of two Kingfishers that are fishing, they cannot fish themselves.

7.9 - A candidate for Kingfisher day & night membership must be over 6 and under 12 years of age on 15th March in the year of application. A Kingfisher day & night member must always be accompanied by and under the strict control of their Parent/Guardian (who must also be a member). A Kingfisher day & night member can fish with one rod from dawn to dusk and is also allowed to stay on the water overnight providing they do not fish, have a valid night ticket (see rule 13.13) and are in the same swim as their parent or guardian (note only 2 rods per swim). An applicant for Kingfisher day & night membership may be required to be interviewed by the Committee. A Kingfisher day & night member must on application for membership of the Society provide evidence of their ability to swim.

8. Entrance Fee

8.1 - New members, with the exception of Associate, Junior and Kingfisher will be required to pay the entrance fee on joining the Society.
8.2 - Failure to renew membership in the following categories - Full, Senior, Disabled and HLM will result in the cessation of membership and a joining fee will be charged on reapplication.

9. Subscriptions & Fees

9.1 - All subscriptions and fees shall be determined by the Committee. Junior, Senior and Disabled fees shall be one-half of the Full member's subscription fees. Juniors shall be eligible for Full membership without payment of an entrance fee when they reach 17 years of age on 15th March.

9.2 - The Honorary Officers during their respective terms of office shall not be required to pay any subscription, but will nevertheless retain the rights and advantages due to any member paying the requisite subscription. However, Honorary Officers will be required to pay a fee for a yearly night permit, if so required.

10. Members families

Sons and daughters of members under the age of 6 on the 15th March, may fish the waters of the Society during the day without payment provided that they are, at all times, accompanied by and under the strict control of a Member. This privilege shall not apply at Rowley Lake.

11. Cessation of Membership

In the event of any member so conducting himself as, in the opinion of the Committee, to injure the welfare or reputation of the Society or to contravene any of the rules and/or bye laws, the Committee may:

11.1 - Write to the member outlining the alleged offence, requesting an early written response to said allegations. This may include, if in the opinion of the Committee it is warranted by the alleged incident, the immediate temporary suspension of the member.

11.2 - Summon such member to appear before them for an explanation of the alleged offence.

11.3 - Following either or both of the above, the Committee shall consider the response and shall have the power at that meeting to expel, or suspend the offending member for such period as they shall determine appropriate. The Committee shall report the result of such enquiry to the next Ordinary member's meeting. Any member subject to the above shall have the right to appeal under Rule 16.3. If a member is expelled, then their fees and subscription monies will not be refunded.

12. Exclusion of Liability

In so far as it is able to exclude or restrict in liability in Law, the Society Officers, Trustees and Members are not liable for any injury, loss or damage of any person (or their belongings) in the exercise of their rights as a member of the Society, this includes Children and Guest of Members (except is so far as any such injury, loss or damage is caused by criminal negligence on the part of the Society Officers, Trustees or its members).

13. Night Fishing

13.1 - Night fishing shall be considered as the period between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise, provided such practice does not contravene any local bye-laws, rules, regulations, stipulations or orders of any local council or land owner. For clarity the Bailiffs will enforce the following on/off water times on all HAS waters

April & May 04.30 - 21.30
June & July 03.30 - 22.30
August & September 04:30 - 22:00
October & November 06:00 - 20:00
December & January 06:30 - 17:30
February & March 05:00 - 19:00

13.2 - That night fishing shall be restricted to a limited number of members in accordance with our licence/leases, actual numbers to be specified by the Committee

13.3 - The use of lights will be strictly controlled. A small torch may be used for general tackling up and when landing a fish, but the beam of the torch must not shine into or across the water, nor must it be permanently illuminated for the observation of a
float or other bite indicators. Electronic bite alarms are allowed and recommended

13.4 - Full members who wish to Night Fish HAS water are required to purchase a yearly night permit (fee payable and valid for the membership year) before booking a night session. A yearly night permit can be purchased at any point during the membership year from the Membership Secretary or when renewing membership or joining HAS as a new member.

13.5 - Night sessions can be booked via the HAS website (HAS members portal). Members without internet access can book via the Membership Secretary (24rs notice required - Telephone No on Membership card). If a night booking cannot be used it must be cancelled. Failure to do this may result the members night permit being withdrawn at the discretion of the Committee. The table at the end of this section can be used as a quick guide to HAS night ticket rules.

13.6 - The maximum stay allowed on all HAS waters is 72 hours (3 nights). This is required to stop "swim hogging". Members are not allowed to return to fish the same water within a 24-hour period. Members are allowed to book another night session should they wish to fish alternative waters. Fishing Rotas are not allowed.

13.7 - Associate members and Day and Night Kingfishers members who wish to stay overnight (but not fish) on Rowley Lake are required to have a night ticket (free of charge). Night tickets can be booked (subject to availability) by a Full member when making their night booking. If a night ticket cannot be used it must be cancelled. Failure to do this may result in the privilege being withdrawn at the discretion of the Committee. Associate Members and King Fisher Day and Night members please also see rules 13.11 and 13.13).

13.8 - Members must have either a valid night booking or night ticket to allow them to be on HAS water at night and present to a bailiff if requested to do so. Note - this rule does not apply to Associate Members attending Harefield lakes at night with a full Member.

13.9 - Junior members are allowed to night fish providing they have a valid yearly night permit and have booked a night session. Juniors must always be accompanied by, and under the strict control of, a Full member (who must also have a valid night permit and booking). Note: only one Junior per member is allowed.

13.10 - Full members Guests can night fish provided they have the appropriate visitors ticket (max stay of two nights) Note Visitors cannot night fish at Rowley. See rule 15

13.11 - Associate members are not allowed to night fish, but can be present on Harefield Lakes without a night ticket, or on Rowley lake with a night ticket (see rule 13.7). Associate members must be in the same swim as their partner who must also have a Night Permit and valid booking for the water being fished.

13.12 - Family Members under the age of 12 that do not have a Kingfisher day & night membership are not permitted on HAS lakes at night.

13.13 - A Kingfisher day and night Member is allowed to stay overnight on HAS waters as long as they do not fish, providing the following conditions are met: -
a -The Kingfisher day and night member has a valid night ticket (subject to availability) that is linked to their Parent/Guardian night booking (See 13.13 c) Note - Kingfisher night tickets are only available from 1st May- 31st October. Only one night is allowed in any 72-hr period.

b - The Kingfisher day and night Member is accompanied by and under the strict control of their Parent/Guardian (only 1 Kingfisher per Parent/Guardian) and must be in the same swim as their Parent or Guardian.

c - The Parent/Guardian of the Kingfisher has a Night Permit and valid booking for the water being fished
* Guest tickets are available from 1st July to March 31st; max stay of 2 nights is allowed.

14. Visitors

Visitor tickets are only available from 1st July to March 31st. Day ticket (Dawn till Dusk) or 24hr (1 night) or 48hr (2night maximum). Please note 24/48 - hour guest tickets include a night ticket (valid for Harefield lakes only). Full members may invite not more than two angling visitors on any one day. Visitors’ tickets must be obtained in advance from the Society representative(s) or from the HAS website, fee paid on application. All visitors must be in possession of a valid EA Rod License when fishing. The member must accompany the Visitor at the water at all times, and shall be responsible for their conduct. This rule shall not apply to Juniors, Kingfishers or Associate members who are not allowed to invite Visitors.

15. Rowley Lake

Only members are permitted to use or enter Rowley Lake fishery or the approaches there to. No Guests, visitors, partners or family members (that do not hold Kingfisher or Associate tickets) are allowed to fish Rowley Lake.

16. Meetings

16.1 - ORDINARY. The members shall meet at such time and place as the Committee shall determine.

16.2 - ANNUAL GENERAL. The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the last two weeks in April. Not less than 14 days’ notice (of the AGM and its agenda) shall be given by the Secretary to all members. Members wishing to raise any items of any other business must do so in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM.

16.3 - SPECIAL GENERAL. The Secretary shall at the request of the Committee or at the written request of ten or more members, call a Special General Meeting of which not less than 14 days’ notice shall be given to the members. Such notice shall specify the nature of the business to be transacted. No business other than that specified in the notice or arising there from shall be considered.

17. Voting

Voting at all meetings shall be by a show of hands, but a ballot must be taken of those present if demanded by any member. Junior, Kingfisher and Associate members shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting or be eligible to hold office.

18. Rules

No alteration, repeal, or addition to the rules of the Society shall be made otherwise than by resolution at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting, carried by at least three-fourths of the members present and voting thereon. Notice of any such proposal, alteration, repeal or addition must be given to the Secretary in writing and at least twenty-eight days shall elapse before the date of the meeting to be held to consider same. Details shall be sent by the Secretary to all members at least fourteen days before such meeting.

19. Working Parties

19.1 - It is a condition of membership that all members under 65 years of age (with the exception of Disabled, Associates and Kingfisher members) attend at least two working parties per annum, or pay a fee in lieu, details of which are included on the membership renewal forms.

19.2 - No member who is medically unfit to take part will be expected to attend, but they must notify the Fishery Manager (this will be treated in the strictest confidence).

20. Termination of the Society

The Society may at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose, resolve, provided the resolution is approved by at least three-fourths of the members of the Society present, that it be wound up. In the event of its termination being so decided upon, its property shall be realised by the Committee (and overseen by the Trustees), and the proceeds, after satisfying all liabilities, shall be divided pro rata, based on years of membership, among the members then remaining on the books. No Junior, Associate or Kingfisher member shall participate in, or be entitled to, benefit from the realisation of the assets of the Society in accordance with the foregoing provisions. Society trustees shall not be held liable, neither monetarily nor materially, for any such discharges of the Society funds or property.

21. Litter

No member shall leave or ignore litter of any description, members are expected to take all litter away from the waters on leaving, this includes litter which may have been left by someone else. It is the duty of every member to report to a member of the Committee details of any member seen leaving litter. Where calls of nature are necessary this should be carried out in private and no evidence of the act should be visible. A very serious view will be taken of breaches of this rule and anyone found guilty of this offence will be liable to expulsion from the Society without further notice.

22. Publicity

No member shall publicise fish caught at the Society's' waters, this to include written and/or photographic material, unless authorised by the Committee. Pictures on the website and other public social media must be cleared with the Curator or his nominated officer.

23. Fish care

23.1 - All fish to be returned to the water with as little injury as possible (this includes pike and eels). Any angler found abusing fish will be liable to expulsion from the Society without further notice.

23.2 - Substantial unhooking mats must be used for all fish, and under no circumstances (whatever) should rags be used when handling fish.

23.3 - Use of lead-free weights must align with the Environment Agency rules and only barbless hooks are permitted. All hooks on Lures must have their barbs crushed.

23.4 - The use of Carp Sacks, or any retaining method is forbidden. In the case of holding a fish while a camera, or witness, is sort then the fish can be retained in the landing net for no more than 10 minutes.

23.5 - Keepnets must be knotless and can only be used in competitions, whether they be the formal society matches, or competitions with friends. They are discouraged, but providing due care is taken on numbers of fish in a net etc (see rule 23.1) they can be used for silver fish. Please note the following species must not be held in keepnets -' Carp, Tench, large Bream or Pike.

23.6 - Members must take all due care to avoid spreading fish diseases between waters. All nets and unhooking mats must be air dried between
visits to the lakes. Members must use Dip Tanks if notified to do so (via HAS magazine or website).

23.7 - No fish to be removed or transferred between Society waters without written permission from the Committee and only then if all EA regulations are adhered to.

23.8 - All members who fish intentionally for Pike must be competent and confident in the way they handle Pike during landing and unhooking to prevent damage to the fish.

24. General Rules

24.1 - All Society lock combinations and keys are for the express use of allowing members access only. Members found sharing Society lock combinations and keys with non-members, or allowing non-member access via "tail gating" will have their membership revoked.

24.2 - If members are unable to retrieve tackle from trees etc then please notify the bailiff or the fishery manager ASAP.

24.3 - No open fires allowed for any purpose unless sanctioned by the Committee. To clarify, contained BBQs are permitted, but all hot embers must be extinguished with lake water after use and all containers taken offsite

24.4 - No dogs may be taken, by a member onto the Society's waters except by an official bailiff.

24.5 - Camping is strictly prohibited. To clarify this rule, tents are not permitted, however proprietary fishing shelters may be erected when required.

24.6 - Fish entered for the Society's' Trophies must be witnessed by at least one independent member of the Society.

24.7 - All members must carry their membership cards, Night Tickets or Permits and Environment Agency rod licences whilst fishing or visiting any of the Society's waters. Bailiffs shall be empowered to
order off the water any member not carrying these documents or refusing to produce the same.

24.8 - All members are "Honorary Bailiffs" and are allowed to challenge any angler who they do not readily identify as being a fellow member.

24.9 - No member exercising fishing rights on any of the Society waters shall do injury to the banks of the lake, nor interfere with the wildlife thereon.

24.10 - No member shall in any way whatsoever cause damage to the tenants and others holding lands on and adjoining the banks of the Society's waters or their environs.

24.11 - For the purposes of entering some of the Society waters each full member can apply to the membership Secretary for a Society key. Keys issued to members shall remain the property of the Society and shall be returned on cessation of membership. A fee will be charged for the key and this will be refunded when a member leaves the Society. If the key is not returned within 6 months then the fee can no longer be reclaimed

24.12 - All gates adjacent to farm lands to and from the Society's waters must be securely closed immediately after use so as to prevent straying of livestock. Designated paths must be adhered to.

24.13 - No member shall be allowed to reserve a swim, however, on occasion an angler may leave his tackle unattended for a maximum of three hours per day. At all times unattended tackle must be withdrawn from the water and bait removed. Note unattended tackle means out of easy reach or when leaving your swim (even for a short period of time)

24.14 - Avoid excessive noise and be courteous to other water users

24.15 - A maximum of two rods per Full member can be used, however on Harefield No2 a max of 3 rods can be used from 1st Oct - 31st March, if supported by the applicable EA rod licence

24.16 - The use of boats (of any kind, including bait boats) and Drones are strictly prohibited on all HAS waters

24.17 - The use of multi hook rigs can only be used for Pike fishing (barbless hooks only)

24.18 - The use of braided shock / snag leaders is forbidden on all waters. Braided line can only be used for spoding, marker float rods and lure fishing. Note a minimum breaking strain of 30lb is recommended when using braided line.

24.19 - When fishing you may cast to other obvious swims, however if another angler wishes to fish that swim you must withdraw your lines without being asked.

24.20 - Marker floats on Harefield Pit 2 cannot be used if boats are in the area.

24.21 - The use of livebait (fish) is forbidden on all HAS waters

24.22 - The practice of prebaiting is forbidden on all HAS waters.

24.23 - No Wading. Wading is only permitted if it is to release a tethered fish, assist a fellow member or as directed by a Fishery Manager.

HAS Rules Valid from 1st April 2021.