Catch Reports

Send in your catch reports for a chance to win one of the societies trophies. Catch reports will be judged from March - March and each report will go forward to the draw for a free permit for next year, the more reports you submit the more chances you have of winning. Please enter your name and the details of your catch, including a picture. Your report will then be reviewed and will appear on the Harrow Angling website once confirmed.

If you would like to view catch reports prior to the 2019/20 season click here

Name Species Weight Date Venue
Jack Harrigan Common carp 16lbs 0oz 23/06/20 Harefield No1
Stuart Verity Mirror carp 22lbs 3oz 22/06/20 Harefield No1
Stewart Hamilton Mirror carp 27lbs 5oz 21/06/20 Harefield No2
Jamie anstiss Mirror carp 11lbs 5oz 21/06/20 Rowley
Nigel Barratt mirror carp 17lbs 0oz 21/06/20 Rowley
Nigel Barratt Fully scaled 16lbs 4oz 21/06/20 Rowley
Stacey Burgoyne Common carp 16lbs 10oz 20/06/20 Rowley
Stacey Burgoyne Mirror carp 21lbs 1oz 20/06/20 Rowley
A McLeod Common carp 19lbs 12oz 20/06/20 Harefield No2
Graham Thomas Bream 6lbs 8oz 20/06/20 Rowley
Jamie anstiss Tench 4lbs 6oz 18/06/20 Rowley
Stuart Roe Mirror carp 17lbs 9oz 17/06/20 Harefield No1
Stuart Roe Mirror carp 16lbs 9oz 17/06/20 Harefield No1
Stuart Roe Mirror carp 14lbs 7oz 17/06/20 Harefield No1
Les Skidmore Mirror carp 21lbs 4oz 16/06/20 Harefield No2
Nigel Barratt Tench 4lbs 4oz 16/06/20 Rowley

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