Catch Reports

Send in your catch reports for a chance to win one of the societies trophies. Catch reports will be judged from March - March and each report will go forward to the draw for a free permit for next year, the more reports you submit the more chances you have of winning. Please enter your name and the details of your catch, including a picture. Your report will then be reviewed and will appear on the Harrow Angling website once confirmed.

Name Species Weight Date Venue
Stephen Richardson Bream 5lbs 1oz 28/10/01 Rowley
S.Vardon Mirror Carp 23lbs 4oz 21/10/01 Rowley
Graham Pearce Mirror Carp 17lbs 15oz 17/10/01 Harefield No1
John Westley Bream 5lbs 2oz 13/10/01 Rowley
John Westley Bream 4lbs 4oz 13/10/01 Rowley
John Westley Bream 5lbs 10oz 13/10/01 Rowley
John Westley Bream 3lbs 14oz 13/10/01 Rowley
John Westley Bream 6lbs 10oz 8/10/01 Rowley
John Westley Tench 4lbs 2oz 7/10/01 Rowley
R. Card Pike 8lbs 0oz 29/09/01 Harefield No2
Steve Lockwood Pike 15lbs 4oz 20/09/01 Harefield No2
Graham Pearce Mirror Carp 12lbs 1oz 16/09/01 Harefield No1
Graham Pearce Common Carp 17lbs 8oz 14/09/01 Harefield No1
Dave Cargill Carp 18lbs 12oz 14/09/01 Rowley
Graham Blinco Carp 19lbs 3oz 11/09/01 Harefield No1
Bill Batchelor Pike 7lbs 12oz 9/09/01 Harefield No2
Les Skidmore Carp 25lbs 0oz 5/09/01 Harefield No2
Dave Cargill Carp 15lbs 10oz 31/08/01 Rowley
Dave Cargill Carp 22lbs 4oz 24/08/01 Rowley
Ian Kempster Carp 26lbs 4oz 24/08/01 Harefield No2
Ian Kempster Bream 10lbs 8oz 14/08/01 Harefield No2
Ian Kempster Pike 17lbs 0oz 11/08/01 Harefield No2
Ian Kempster Tench 7lbs 2oz 11/08/01 Harefield No2
Ian Thomas Carp 17lbs 4oz 4/08/01 Rowley
Steve Lockwood Pike 15lbs 12oz 21/07/01 Harefield No2
John Miles Eel 3lbs 0oz 16/07/01 Rowley
John Miles Carp 16lbs 0oz 16/07/01 Rowley
John Miles Tench 4lbs 0oz 16/07/01 Rowley
S.Vardon Carp 15lbs 0oz 15/07/01 Rowley
Nick Wright Bream 7lbs 4oz 14/07/01 Harefield No1
John Miles Eel 3lbs 0oz 10/07/01 Rowley
John Miles Bream 4lbs 8oz 10/07/01 Rowley
Brian Watts Carp 18lbs 2oz 8/07/01 Rowley
Bernie Bean Bream 7lbs 6oz 7/07/01 Harefield No1
Ian Kempster Common Carp 19lbs 4oz 7/07/01 Harefield No2
Ian Kempster Common Carp 16lbs 2oz 7/07/01 Harefield No2
Brian Watts Carp 17lbs 4oz 4/07/01 Rowley
Dave Cargill Carp 13lbs 12oz 3/07/01 Rowley
Brian Watts Carp 21lbs 0oz 27/06/01 Rowley
B.Dixon Carp 2lbs 0oz 24/06/01 Rowley
Ian Thomas Tench 4lbs 0oz 23/06/01 Rowley
Ian Thomas Tench 4lbs 0oz 23/06/01 Rowley
Ray Gough Carp 17lbs 0oz 18/06/01 Rowley
Dave Hambly Bream 12lbs 4oz 17/06/01 Harefield No2
Les Skidmore Carp 22lbs 12oz 16/06/01 Harefield No2
Ian Kempster Carp 20lbs 6oz 16/06/01 Harefield No2
Les Skidmore Carp 28lbs 10oz 16/06/01 Harefield No2
NickWright Carp 10lbs 0oz 16/06/01 Harefield No1
Chris Donnan Tench 5lbs 2oz 11/04/31 Harefield No1
Ian Warr Perch 1lbs 4oz 1/01/04 Harefield No2

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