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Pit One night fishing

Night fishing will be allowed on Pit One from the 1st June with a maximum 24 hour session limit.
1 year ago

Covid-19 Update 20th May 2020

The Committee is pleased to announce that from Thursday 21st May 2020 at 9am Harefield No1 (days only), No2 and Wildfowl will open for fishing. Due to the Covid-19 regulations, the Committee has had to introduce a booking system to control numbers fishing on each of the lakes and a number of new (temp) rules to keep members safe whilst fishing. It is important you read the following information as this will tell you how to book a session and the rules you must abide by to keep yourself safe. Tight Lines, HAS Committee HAS Booking System The HAS booking system will go live at 1 pm tomorrow (20/5/20) and can be accessed via the HAS website; If you haven't already done so, you will need to activate your Harrow Angling Members Login (click on My HAS tab, then click on Create Account). Once you are logged in, you will see session booking, click on this button to start your reservation. If you are unable to access the internet you can phone the membership secretary on 07860784185 and Paul will make a reservation for you (subject to availability). When booking a reservation the following will apply- Lake capacity- - Harefield No1 - 15 members (Days only) - Harefield No2 - 20 members (2 nights 48 hr max stay) - Wildfowl - 6 members (2 nights 48 hr max stay) Booking Criteria - Bookings only allowed 24 hrs in advance - Only 1 booking allowed at a time - No guest tickets are allowed - Harefield No1 is a DAY TICKET only water until further notice - Booking maximum of 48 hrs allowed (Harefield No2 and Wildfowl), you must have either a valid night permit or ticket when fishing nights. - Swims will be available on a "first come first served basis". Members must maintain a distance of 15 metres separation between swims whilst fishing. Members are allowed to select their own swim, but the onus of maintaining 15m separation falls to each member. - Members must vacate their swim on time at the end their session - A member will be unable to book another session until 24hrs has lapsed since their last session Note - The HAS Harefield Lakes will be monitored by the Bailiffs and may be closed at any time during this period if the fish start spawning. We have reopened the Harrow Angling Society Official Facebook page as another place to pass information. If you wish to join please message one of the administrators, : Laurence Butters, Paul Kempthorne, Mike Read or Joe Underwood. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Members found fishing on any of the HAS Harefield lakes without a reservation will be reported to the Committee and asked to pack up and leave the lake. View the Covid-19 rules by clicking the button below.
1 year ago

Covid-19 Update

You will have seen in the news that the Government latest rule review on social distancing will allow Angling (in England only) to recommence on Wednesday 13th May. Before HAS can open their Harefield Lakes they need to obtain permission from the land owner (Hillingdon Council). Negotiations are currently ongoing with the Council to agree the terms we can safely open the waters. Until we receive the necessary permission to open the Harefield lakes they will remain closed. Hopefully, within the next few days, I will have further news on how and when the Harefield lakes will reopen. Rowley lake is currently closed (due to open on 16th June). Please continue to check this webpage for further information on when the lakes will reopen. Mike Rees Secretary
1 year ago

River Colne

H.A.S. had an agreement with the Yiewsley Angling Society to fish a stretch of the River Colne that they leased. Unfortunately this agreement has now been cancelled because Yiewsley Angling Society will not be renewing their lease for the coming season. The Committee did discuss bidding for the lease, but decided as only a small proportion of membership fished this water it was best not to proceed. The River Colne has now been removed from the HAS portfolio. Mike Rees Hon. Secretary
1 year ago

Online renewal

Members can now renew their membership online. If any members are having issues logging in or claiming their online account for the first time please contact;
1 year ago