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Chairmans CUP 2019 Harefield Pit 1

Hi All

Quick reminder we currently have 10 for the this so please contact me ASAP if you would like to get in.

2nd - 4th August 2019

The lake will be CLOSED From Friday 2nd August 1800 and will not open again until 4th August 11.00

Singles match, limited to 20 swims
Draw at 19:00 on Friday at Moorehall Rd Carpark, Start fishing at 19:30,Break Saturday at 12.00 -14.00 for BBQ, Rods in Sunday 11.00am

Carp, Tench and Bream, Biggest weight wins

£10 members, £20 guests.

*****Lake will be closed from 18.00 on Friday and not open again until 11.00 on Sunday morning. *****

If interested please email