Joining the Society

The membership application form for the 2016/17 season beginning 16th June 2016 is now available below. If you require further details regarding membership contact us via the form here. All information regarding fishing seasons, night tickets and guests can be found below.

Fishing Seasons

Harefield No1

1st April - 31st January

Harefield No2

16th June - 31st March


16th June - 14th March

River Colne

16th June - 14th March

Night Fishing

Associate Members cannot night fish, Juniors are allowed to night fish providing that they are always accompanied by and under the strict control and supervision of an adult member. Only one Junior per member. Visitors can only night fish by obtaining a night visitors ticket for the Harefield lakes only.
There are two ways to obtain a night ticket:
1) For a specific date on any water (free), by telephone 07763 245652 on Sundays between 6.00pm - 9.00 pm only. The telephone will not be switched on at any other time. Do not leave messages other than cancellations as they will be ignored. Between these times a Society representative will be available to consider your request for a night fishing ticket and give you a decision there and then. Your ticket/s will be posted to you 1st Class on Monday morning.

It is your responsibility to ensure there is enough time for you to receive your tickets
If you cannot use the ticket cancel it using the above telephone number leaving a message
If you do not have a ticket you cannot night fish

The tickets will be issued on a first come, first served basis up to three weeks in advance of the requested date. No person will be allowed to pre book two consecutive weekends on Rowley Lake (as only four tickets are allowed), subject to demand.
2) By applying for a night season ticket for both Harefield No1 & No2 at a cost of £30 a season. You can obtain this ticket either via your membership form or by letter to the Membership Secretary. This allows you to fish both Harefield lakes at any time, subject to the following conditions:

72 hours max stay (if you wish to stay any longer apply as in Option 1)
You must be a HAS "Full" member
No Swim Hogging or Fishing Rotas If there is any abuse of this facility, tickets may be withdrawn or the scheme ceased.


Visitors tickets are only available for Harefield No1 & No2, but not for Rowley. They are available from the Fishermans Cabin in Eastcote, Harefied Tackle in Harefield and Judds of Hillingdon (on production of your HAS permit).
Members may invite not more than two angling visitors on any one day. Visitors tickets must be obtained in advance, fee paid on application.

The Member must accompany the Visitor at the water at all times, and shall be responsible for their conduct. This rule shall not apply to Juniors or Associates. There are three types available:
Day Ticket - Dawn till Dusk - £5
Two Day and One Night Ticket - £10
Three Day and Two Night Ticket - £20