Harefield No1

A gravel pit of around 7 acres situated south of Harefield village. The lake has an irregular shape and three islands. The depth varies along its length of the lake and is deeper at the northern end.

The lake has a good head of most coarse species but is noted for good Tench fishing with fish to 10 lb along with a good head of Roach and Rudd. There are shoals of Bream of 10 lb along with Pike to 26lbs and a large head of Carp to 32 lb.

A map of the countours of the lake is available here.

Opening Dates: 1st April - 31st January

Fishery Manager: Stuart Verity/ Craig Vallois

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Fishery type

Gravel Pit


7.5 Acres


Carp Bream Tench Pike Perch Roach Rudd


Members, please note the change to the entrance gate where the height of the centre section has been raised specifically to allow ready access to our disabled members with special purpose vehicles that are higher than the average car.
This should also provide access to other members with taller vehicles, whilst being too narrow for those of our 'cowboy' brethren looking for sites to fly tip. I would ask that you proceed with care when using the higher section for the first time. Your feed-back on this modification would be appreciated.
We have to thank Larry Wood and Dave Rojewski for their considerable selfless efforts in putting this whole project together.

Latest Catches

Name Species Weight Date
Andrew Kempster Mirror Carp 26lbs 0oz 17/08/17
Ben Whiting Mirror carp 16lbs 8oz 5/08/17
Laurence Butters Bream 6lbs 0oz 1/08/17
Ed Jagger Mirror Carp 16lbs 13oz 30/07/17
Ed Jagger Mirror carp 26lbs 8oz 30/07/17
Ed Jagger Mirror carp 16lbs 2oz 30/07/17
Ed Jagger Mirror carp 14lbs 5oz 29/07/17
Ed Jagger Mirror carp 19lbs 4oz 29/07/17
Laurence Butters Mirror Carp 13lbs 2oz 29/07/17
Ed Jagger Mirror carp 15lbs 14oz 28/07/17